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Discover Constanta


Discover Constanta

Constanța, one of the largest cities in Romania and one of the most beautiful city-port in Europe, is a unique mix between old and new, between history, tradition and modern, an multicultural ethnic mosaic, also look like a city full of business opportunities.

Here you will find unique archeological vestiges in the world, you can admire emblematic buildings for the Romanian and international heritage. The Casino, the Roman Mosaic Building, the Roman Baths, the Museum of Popular Art, the Museum of the Romanian Navy, the Jon Jalea Sculpture Museum, the Art Museum, Ovidiu Square, the Old Center, Constanța port are just some of the tourist-economic objectives that no one should to miss them.

Micro-reservation of Exotic Animals and Birds Constanta – the place where you find living in harmony species of animals and birds of the most varied.

The dolphinarium, located in a wonderful landscape, recently renovated, is one of the most visited tourist attractions, being at this moment the only place in Romania where there are performances with dolphins, sea lions and penguins in a single environment.

The planetarium is another tourist attraction, where you can spend unforgettable moments admiring the whole solar system.

The Constanta Casino, considered the emblem of the city, is the first building erected after the end of the Ottoman domination, more than 130 years ago. In the good old days, when the Casino was in full attention, it had arranged inside several rooms with precise destinations for recreation, dancing, reading rooms, but also gambling halls.

The Constanta Aquarium, located right in front of the Casino, is the tourist attraction that you must see at least once in your life if you arrive in Constanța. Here is a permanent exhibition of aquatic fauna and flora divided into 3 sections: Marina, which is also the largest area with specimens of fish and invertebrates from the Black Sea, Dulcicola and Exotic Fish.

Genovez Lighthouse, another important tourist attraction in Constanța can be seen on the city’s seafront. It is located between the Casino and the former Hotel Carol, today the Navy Command. The Genovese lighthouse bears this name as a sign of respect for the genovese people who are considered “masters of the seas”. The lighthouse in Constanța has a height of 16 meters, octagonal shape, and at the top it has a metal dome, from where the light that guided the sailors is also projected. The lighthouse is made of natural stone.

The Marine Dunes Reservation from Agigea, unique in Romania. Here you can admire over 300 species of vascular plants and 8 species of marine moss. The famous Dobrogean tortoise also lives here.

Murfatlar Vineyard. Dobrogea vineyards are already famous throughout the country for the fragrant grape varieties and wines that are obtained. If you arrive in Constanța, you must also make time for a visit to Murfatlar, and here you will be greeted by producers and you will be led to the over 3,000 hectares, but also to the wineries. Get ready for the tasting, because you will not leave without tasting the special drink.

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