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Enjoy Mamaia

To live Mamaia, especially during the summer season, is rather special and the best time of year to visit: It has stunning scenery with the Black sea and Lake Siutghiol offering you unforgettable colours, sensations and beautiful backdrops at any time of day.

Mamaia is also known as a magnet for golf lovers, partly due to its vicinity with Bulgaria where there are many international golf courses some of which are very famous Arch. Gary Player:  Thracian Cliffs Golf & Beach Resort Bozhurets, the Lighthouse Golf & SPA Resort and the  BlackSeaRama Golf & Villas Resort all nearby, they are high quality accommodation that welcome golf lovers and professional golfers from all over the world and it is easily reached in just 80 minutes from Mamaia.

Mamaia provides many fun, free time activities: other than the numerous beaches, the lidos, the water park and the dolphin park, it is possible to do many different water sports. Beaches like Ipanema, Loft, Le Gagà, Babilonia, Crazy are just some of the places where you can drink a cocktail under a parasol, or simply watch people from all over the world stroll by. The beaches of Mamaia are similar to the beaches in Miami, not just for the name of the beaches but moreover for the vast number of beautiful guys and girls all in one place,  for lazy days and party nights. 

Aqua Magic

One of the main attractions of the area is Aqua Magic, a fun water park for tourists. Aqua Magic is situated at the entrance of the station and has a maximum capacity of more than 3000 visitors.

The Cable Car

Opened in 2004 the cable car is one of the most famous attractions. This cable car allows tourists to admire from above the beautiful location of Mamaia and enjoy the views of the Black Sea. It was made with the latest generation technology and conforms to all international standards, the cable way is 2.2 km long and connects the casino to the station on the outskirts of the city, the trip lasts around 7 minutes, to arrive at a maximum height of 50m.

Lago Siutghiol

Lake Siutghiol, known as Ghiolul Mare,(Big Lake by the locals) or Lake Mamaia by the tourists, is 7.5 km long and 2.5 km wide. On its 1900 hectares it is possible to do various water sports, like water skiing, kite-surfing, jet skiing or yachting. The lake has different islands with cretaceous origins and limestone islands, one of these is the island of Ovidiu, on which there is a restaurant. It is separated from the sea by a thin stretch of coast that gave the origins of the beautiful beach of  Mamaia.

To live Mamaia means to have an unforgettable experience from all points of view.


There are many night clubs and bars of all types that attract the young and people of all age. It is an exclusive tourist destination especially for the young and in particular for its night life. There are a lot of discos and clubs the most famous being Ego Club, the Loft, Fratelli Beach&Club, Bellagio Club, Crema Summer Club and Le Gagà, as well as many other piano bars and other types of bar. There are plenty of restaurants that offer international cuisine (more than 60), and many with ethnic and regional cuisine that offer the best of Romanian cooking, various places to organise water sport activities and excursions to visit the surrounding area of Costanza and the Danube delta.

Another important aspect of the city of Costanza is the number of important archaeological sites present near to the city, among which :

  • The ancient city of Histriain which you can admire the city walls and watch towers, the ruins of Greek temples, the Roman neighbourhoods, the baths, some Christian churches among which one is the largest in the region (50m in length) that dates back to the VI century AD.;
  • The ancient city of Tomiserected erected by the Greek Colony of Mileto in the VI century B.C. Better preserved, however, are the remains of the Roman period (I – VI century A.D.): the city walls with towers and arches that surround the peninsula, the baths, the large Roman building covered in mosaics, early Christian basilicas, a painted Roman tomb, a Christian crypt with frescoes etc.;
  • The ancient city Callatis erected as the “sister” city to Tomis and Histria from Greek colonies. At present you can see the northern side and a part of the western wall that closed the side of the Roman city towards the sea, the remains of a church and a small urban area by the Greek Colony of Mileto in the VI century B.C.
  • The Mausoleum of Trajanwas erected in 109 in memory of the victory of the emperor Trajan against the Dacians at the site of the Roman city of Adamclisi near to the Danube.
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